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Why Flea Problems Are So Tough To Handle

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If you're like most people, you probably think that you really don't have to worry about fleas if you don't have pets. However, winding up with a flea infestation in your Cleveland home is a lot easier than you think, even if you don't have cats or dogs. This is because fleas can hitch a ride onto your property on more than just a pet. They can also stow away on wildlife that comes onto your property or even by attaching to you or your belongings. Sometimes, you can walk through an area full of fleas and bring them home on your body or in your things without realizing it. This means flea control is something you'll need to think about even if you are not a pet owner. 

Unfortunately, keeping fleas off of your property is a lot easier said than done. It's hard enough to prevent fleas, but it's even harder to get rid of them once you have an active infestation. Most of the control products that you can buy on the open market, like flea foggers or flea dust, don't do much more than temporarily reduce the flea load on your property; they do not eliminate entire breeding populations. While there are some things you can do to make yourself less likely to wind up with fleas, the risk of getting them is still present. This is why you will likely need professional help when it comes to flea control, especially in the summer.

If you end up with a flea problem, you might start seeing signs of flea presence. Fleas in Cleveland are tiny, but they are visible to the naked eye. Despite this, the first signs you notice may not be live fleas. You might start getting bites on your feet and ankles. You might also start seeing flea dirt or flea nests on your pets. Your pets might experience flea allergy symptoms as well. Then, of course, you will start to see live fleas jumping around. They may look like little black dots bouncing all over the place.

Our Flea Control Process

Unfortunately, it's no easy task to get rid of a flea infestation. Fleas breed incredibly fast, and they can breed just about anywhere. They also don't need to eat a whole lot to survive, meaning they can keep breeding without feeding frequently. They're fast feeders too, hopping on and off to feed on hosts. 

All of these factors mean you'll need professional help to eliminate a flea infestation. Here at LongPro Pest Control, our flea treatments aren't just safe for pets and people; they're also effective and eco-friendly. When we come out to your house, the first thing we'll do is perform a thorough inspection to figure out where fleas are breeding and living.

Common flea hideouts include:

  • Furniture

  • Carpet

  • Rugs

  • Pet bedding 

  • Bushes 

  • Tall grass 

We will look in all of these places for signs of flea activity so that we can concentrate our efforts on infested areas. However, we like to treat your entire house with flea treatment products to ensure that we make every nook and cranny of your property a hostile place for fleas to breed. This can help ensure that your flea infestation is not just eliminated but cannot return later on in the breeding season.

Trust LongPro Pest Control With All Your Flea Needs

Fleas are stubborn pests. This means that once you get a flea infestation, you are unlikely to be able to eliminate it on your own. That being said, there are some things you can do to prevent yourself from having to deal with a flea infestation in the first place. To protect yourself from fleas: 

  • Keep your pets on veterinary-approved flea and tick medicine. 

  • Protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing and insect repellent. 

  • Prevent wildlife infestations from invading your property. 

This last one is especially important because wildlife is the main vector of flea infestations in homes that do not have pets. If you have animals like bats, rodents, raccoons, and the like coming onto your property, they will bring their flea and tick hitchhikers with them. Often, fleas decide your home is a good place to set up a breeding spot when they hitch a ride onto your property on these animals. This is why keeping them away is so important.

The good news is that we are equipped to eliminate flea infestations here at LongPro Pest Control. No matter how big or small your infestation, or how well-established it is, our home pest control experts can help you rid your property of disgusting and annoying fleas. So if you start seeing signs of fleas on your property, don't hesitate. Give us a call or visit our contact page to get started with your flea elimination today.


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